ERSK: Saanchi-Aryan soon to learn about Neeti's boyfriend

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ERSK: Saanchi-Aryan soon to learn about Neeti's boyfriend

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka: Saanchi(Shivya Pathania) Aryan(Kinshuk Vaidya) plan creates more misunderstandings between the families

In the upcoming episode there will be Saanchi and Aryan will have to face more problems in the near future to reunite their families.

Saanchi and Aryan attend a function with their respected families with a second plan that will be executed when the function starts.

Aryan and Saanchi want Prabhat to play Rajasthani music in the Jaipur based function as he is really a good vocalist and his good music can help them to lighten up their family’s mood.

Their second plan is successful one but their third plan fails as Sarita accidentally walks on wires and switches the button and short circuit happens.

Viren yells saying whenever Sethiyas are around accidents have to happen, it is a must for them to bring trouble along with them.

Saanchi sees Neeti with her boyfriend

Viren gathers family and informs that soon they will find a good and rich family for Saanchi, hearing this Saanchi gets worried and runs to meet Aryan privately.

Meanwhile, in the midst of all this, when Saanchi goes to meet Aryan, she catches Neeti with her boyfriend.

Stay tuned for more upcoming details.

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