Ek Sringaar Swabhiman: Naina marry Karan for Shradha's swabhimaan

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Ek Sringaar Swabhiman: Naina marry Karan for Shradha's swabhimaan

Ek Sringaar Swabhimaan: Naina to get married on the same day as that of Meghna(Sangeeta Chauhan) and Kunal(Sahil Uppal)

The upcoming episode of Swabhimaan will show lots of twists and turns amid Meghna and Naina.

As Sharda is seen busy in the planning of functions of her beloved daughter Meghna soon it will be revealed that Naina and Karan will also get married along with Meghna Kunal.

This will come as a major twist as announcement will be made on spot which will come as a surprise to everyone.

Karan Naina’s wedding announcement

Meghna and Kunal’s marriage functions have started and Sharda is already very tensed about everything to be fine.

In the middle of all this she will pressurized Naina to get married along with sister Meghna so as to save family incurring heavy expenses again on next wedding.

She is taking small steps and cutting all her desires for saving money for her daughter Meghna’s wedding function.

It will be interesting to see how will Sharda will manage her expenses when there will be an announcement of Naina Karan’s marriage along with Meghna Kunal as the expenses will be double now.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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