Swabhimaan: Sharda's ring truth in Meghna Kunal engagement

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Swabhimaan: Sharda's ring truth in Meghna Kunal engagement

Ek Sringar Swabhimaan: Sharda(Prachi Shah) not ready to sacrifice her swabhimaan in the name of high class dignity

In the upcoming episode of Swabhimaan there will be lots of drama.

It so happened that Kunal’s family exchanged the engagement ring bought by Sharda with that of the costly one.

When Sharda gives ring to Meghna on the engagement day she finds that it is not the same ring that she bought for her son in law.

Kunal’s family didn’t wanted their son to wear a cheap ring as they consider it low standard.

Sharda’s truth make Kunal’s family angry

Seeing Sharda’s choice of ring only hurts their ego and so they decide to exchange the ring with that of a costly one.

Sharda being a truthful lady considers it against her swabhimaan to accept the ring and thus confess to everybody about the rings being exchanged.

Kunal wears the same ring bought by Sharda.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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