ESS: Meghna saves Sharda's respect in the eyes of Chauhan family

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ESS: Meghna saves Sharda's respect in the eyes of Chauhan family

Ek Sringaar Swabhimaan: Meghna (Sangeeta Chauhan) saves Sharda's (Prachi Shah) reputation in her engagement 

In the upcoming episode there will be too much of drama in Meghna and Kunal’s wedding.

Kunal’s rich family does not want to loose or spoil their reputation amid people so they decide to buy a lehenga for Meghna that she will be wearing on her engagement.

Sharda on the other hand being completely devoted to her honesty does not want to loose her standards in the name of money.

Meghna also respects her mother’s beliefs and so to maintain her swabhimaan Meghna refuses to wear the lehenga bought by Kunal’s family.

Meghna’s insult to Kunal’s family

Meghna always wanted to wear her mother’s lehenga so she rejects the one bought by Kunal’s family and unknowingly giving them a huge disrespect.

They taunt Sharda for satisfying their ego and put question on her upbringing if this is what Meghna is taught to come with open face in front of elders.

Hence, to satisfy their ego, Meghna wears the dupatta of the dress they bought for her, to cover her head and with this she did what she wanted and also what they wanted i.e wore her choice of dress and also wore the dupatta of their choice of dress.

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