Swabhimaan: Choti Mami brings cash confusion amid Sujaan-Sharda

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Swabhimaan: Choti Mami brings cash confusion amid Sujaan-Sharda

Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan: Choti Mami's evil intentions land Sharda(Prachi Shah) into another trouble, facing embarrassment by Sujaan(Kanwarjit Paintal)

Lots of confusion is awaiting for viewers in the upcoming episode of the ongoing show Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan.

Kunal’s family after feeling humiliated in the ring ceremony cannot wait to be insulted anymore therefore. Kunal’s father announces that he wants wedding in a week’s time, thereby putting additional expense burden on Sharda.

Sujaan Singh sends 25 lakh for Sharda by his driver but driver accidentally hands over the lumpsum amount to Choti Mami of Meghna.

Sharda doesn’t receive any money and gets very worried thus after trying her best she looses hope and leaves the rest on god, let whatever happen.

Sharda’s brother in law’s evil intentions

Helpless and hopeless Sharda visits her in laws place with an invitation card for the wedding where her brother in law is ready to help her with money issue but on a condition which Sharda assumes to be bad.

Sujaan Singh will assume Sharda accepted his money without any hesitation so now the wedding will be royal one, in a way he wanted.

Also, in the wedding there will be no electricity which will lead Sharda to face huge embarrassment and Kunal’s father will be shocked to see this wondering why didn’t Sharda utilized the lumpsum fully he had sent to her.

Stay tuned for further details.

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