Ishqbaaz: Anika-Soumya team stand against Shwetlana-Tia

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Ishqbaaz: Anika-Soumya team stand against Shwetlana-Tia

Ishqbaaz: Soumya support Anika(Surbhi Chandana) in playing game against Shwetlana Tia(Navina Bole)

In the upcoming episode there will be lots of drama in Oberoi mansion.

As earlier it was seen that Anika has always failed Tia’s plan against Shivay, this time Shwetlana planned to kill Anika first and Shivay later.

Anika has caught Shwetlana-Tia red handed and is ready to face every odds for Shivay, coming in her way thus torturing her.

Soumya too join hands with Anika to support Rudra from falling in Romi’s trap as Romi is continuously blackmailing Rudra to marry her if he wants to save Priyanka’s reputation.

Anika Somya stand against the criminals

Lots of new twists will be showcased when one or the other things will keep happening against Oberois.

Soumya and Anika come together to support Shivay Rudra from getting out of the trap of the criminals by hook or by crook.

Stay in tune for more drama and details.

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