Ishqbaaz: Tej gives a tight slap to Jhanvi for hurting Shwetlana

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Ishqbaaz: Tej gives a tight slap to Jhanvi for hurting Shwetlana

Ishqbaaz: Everybody gets shocked with Tej slapping Jhanvi for trying to kill Shwetlana(Reyhna Malhotra)

In the upcoming episode there will be lots of drama amid Tej Jhanvi and Omkara.

Shwetlana will make herself fall from stairs to put blame on Jhanvi who was there with her.

Jhanvi is shocked when she finds Shwetlana blaming her for the crime she didn’t attempt and will try to prove her innocence.

Tej will not believe Jhanvi as he believes Jhanvi doesn't like Shwetlana and her coming in this house so amid all he will give a tight slap to her with a warning sign not to repeat it again.

Om and Tej's heated argument

Everybody will get shocked when Tej will take Shwetlana's side instead of understanding Jhanvi's point of view and Om will come to defend her mother thus getting into a huge fight with Tej.

Jhanvi will be left heartbroken seeing her husband's arrogant behavior for her and all this drama will make Anika more clear about the evil plotting of Shwetlana

It will be interesting to watch now what step will Om take to prove her mother innocent.


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