Ishqbaaz 10th January 2017 written update episode

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Ishqbaaz 10th January 2017 written update episode

Ishqbaaz 10th January 2017 written update episode

The episode starts with Anika holding Shwetlana’s sandals wondering why its burnt. Shwetlana and Tia think who it was. Anika leaves wondering why her sandal was burnt when she doesn’t go out. She reminiscences every bad things that happened to Shivay and then realize its Shwetlana who’s plotting.

Tia says we need to plan big. Shwetlana on call says we need to focus on something else other than Anika then suddenly sees Jhanvi standing on door.

Anika makes Shivay understand that she is not lying they then share romantic moments. Oo janaa plays. Dadi comes to Shwetlana thanking her for saving Tej but warns her to leave Oberoi mansion. Jhanvi confirms saying I don’t want Om to loose his cool as he has already suffered a lot. Shwetlana agrees. Romi calls Tia informing about Tej.

Anika Shivay romance and he teases her saying she’s blushing. He then makes her realize what blush is. He starts flirting and Anika panics.

Shwetlana gets successful

Tia watches Jhanvi coming and waves Shwetlana a signal. Jhanvi is about to hold Shwetlana’s wheelchair but Tia interferes and Shwetlana knowingly hurts herself making her fall down from stairs.

Tej complains what happened so she indirectly blames Jhanvi. Jhanvi tries to proove herself innocent but Tej doesn't listen. Shwetlana complains she wanted me to leave the house. Tej fumes over this, even Pinky gets into argument with Tej.

Tej warns if no one is happy with our presence in home then we shall leave. Om comes shouting from behind i have no problem with her stay.


Shivay plans against Shwetlana to see if she can walk.

Ishqbaaz Written Update Episode

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