Naagin 2: Mahish secret intentions for befriending Shesha-Yamini

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Naagin 2: Mahish secret intentions for befriending Shesha-Yamini

Naagin 2: Mahishasur is the new villain in Shivangi's(Mouni Roy) life, wants to kill Shesha(Adaa Khan) Yamini(Sudha Chandra) targeting Shivangi

The upcoming episode will showcase a new twist in Naagin 2.

Mahishasur has entered the house like an uninvited guest and pretends himself to be in love with Shesha.

Mahish earlier tried to attack Rocky but Shivangi’s love saved him from his trap and nothing after rrthat happened seeing which Mahish for quite a time stepped back.

Furthermore, it will be revealed that Mahishasur has his own intentions behind befriending Shesha as he wants to seek revenge for some reason.

Mahishasur’s deadly plan against Shesha Yamini

Mahish is all set to play his cards well by attacking Shesha and also Yamini and for he will turn against them both with an intention to kill them.

After this, he will Shivangi will be next target.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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