SSK: Piyush proposes Vaidehi leaving Anjli heartbroken

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SSK: Piyush proposes Vaidehi leaving Anjli heartbroken

Sasural Simar Ka: Piyush(Varun Sharma) leaves Anjli(Vaishali Thakkar) heartbroken proposing Vaidehi

In the upcoming episode there will be lots of drama and romance between Vaidehi and Piyush.

Piyush has decorated the room and place where he will propose Vaidehi but is also very nervous if she will accept his proposal or not so Piyush therefore wants to enact the whole situation with his sister before proposing Vaidehi to prepare himself well for proposing Vaidehi.

But his sister calls Anjli to dramatize the situation without even informing her thus making her believe Piyush is going to propose her as it will bring all together new twist.

Anjli gets heartbroken

Piyush proposes Anjli in filmy style sitting on his knees but very soon Anjli comes out of her dream land when she realizes he is only rehearsing considering her to be Vaidehi.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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