Tu Aashiqui written update episode 6th October, 2017

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Tu Aashiqui written update episode 6th October, 2017

Tu Aashiqui 6th October, 2017 written update

The episode starts with Anita takes Pankti away from Ahaan, Ahaan gets upset...suddenly Ahaan gets Vkram's call. Vikram questions him why he didn't called him in Mahabaleshwar Live concert...

Vikram gives surprise to Ahaan and tells him that he is in India  they both get happy...Ahaan tells him that he will come soon.

Vikram comes home everyone cheerfully welcomes him he meets JD...suddenly Ahaan also comes.

Ahaan thanks JD for saving him...beside this Anita thinks something and starts driving very fast...they meet small accident Anita gets hurt while Pankti's head starts bleeding Anita asks Pankti now she knows what she have to tell JD...

Pankti says if this is not enough then she can stand in front of car..Anita praises and says now she is her old Pankti.

Anita and Pankti reach home,, JD hugs Pankti and says 'Babu I missed You so much..'

JD tells Pankti that he completed her wish so that she could complete his wish...He asks Pankti to open her bag..she opens JD taunts Pankti seeing sleeveless dress in her bag...and asks if she loves to expose herself.

Pankti opens another bag in which numbers of jam bottles are...there. JD asks her to bring Jam bottles to him and also asks her to bring Mehendi cone that she buyed on the way to home.

JD asks Pankti to sit before him she sits infront of him...JD asks Pankti Babu open your hand...??

Pankti gets scared she starts crying JD asks why she is scared now he says that they will play Truth and Dare...

JD humiliates Pankti crossing all limits

JD asks Pankti how she got hurt Pankti tells that she met accident JD bursts anger saying lie...JD opens jam bottle and forcefully feeds jam to Pankti...he humiliates Pankti...

JD asks Pankti if she remembered him in Mahabaleshwar Pankti confesses yes she is very scared JD says if she remembered him then why she brought these memories he shows Pankti's pics of Mahabaleshwar.

Pankti gets shocked seeing pictures...JD gives lighter to Pankti and asks her to burn these memories Pankti cries and burns photographs...she cries JD asks what happened 'Babu

JD opens Pankti's hand he shows his name JD written on her palm and says You should remember that only my name is written on your life on your memories and on 'You...


JD praises Pankti's beauty...Pankti makerovers her  and JD asks her to come..Pankti asks where he says to give you poison she gets shocked.

Ahaan tells Vikram that he is in love...

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