Udaan: Vivaan to go against Chakor and killed Imli

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Udaan: Vivaan to go against Chakor and killed Imli

Udaan: Chakor stop Vivaan to kill Imli and Imli escaped

Udaan daily popular soap on Colors is witnessing Chakor’s madness avatar.

Imli will be locked in the room by Chakor but it was not possible to catch Imli.

Chakor master plan to catch Imli worked, Chakor showed herself mad to gain Imli’s trust.

Imli befooled by Chakor

Chakor befooled Imli by her mad avatar by harming Sooraj's daughter Sanvi.

Vivaan helped Chakor in her master plan to catch Imli, later Chakor and Vivaan locked Imli in the room.

Vivaan want to kill Imli as she has tortured them before seven years ago .

Vivaan think that this is not sufficent to harm evil Imli as Imli has done so much harm to them in the village.

Chakor don’t want to kill Imli as Chakor want Imli to realise her mistake and repent for the same.

Vivaan to kill Imli will open the door and find that Imli is not there in the room.

What will happen next?

Stay updated with us.

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