Udariyaan: Fateh and Tejo spend Romantic moments together

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Udariyaan: Fateh and Tejo spend Romantic moments together

Udariyaan: Jasmine decides to tell the Truth to Amrik

Colors TV's popular show Udariyaan has attracted massive audience with it's gripping plot.

The show has managed to gain number one spot in the channel. It is all set to keep it's audience hooked to their Screens.

Tejo suggests Jasmine to tell the truth to Amrik so that she doesn't have to live with a lie.

Jasmine gets scared and denies to do so saying she don't want her truth to come out infront of everyone.

Jasmine however decides to tell the truth to him but she gets a scary imagination.

Jasmine writes a letter to Amrik telling him the truth and keeps it in a Book.

Fateh decides to earn Rupy's forgiveness after remembering about his conversation with Tejo.

Angad congratulates Tejo and arranges a Party for her as she has become the HOD.

Fateh and Tejo share a beautiful and romantic moment with each other as they spend their Time alone.

Amrik gets to know the Truth?

Amrik sees the Book. He gets shocked and furious.

Amrik shouts for Jasmine who falls down hurting herself.

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