Zindagi Ki Mehek 11th January 2017 written update episode

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Zindagi Ki Mehek 11th January 2017 written update episode

Zindagi Ki Mehek 11th January 2017 written update episode

Episode starts with Anchor going to announce dance results. Shwetlana interferes asking to stop as she is still left. She comes on stage to dance on ye mera dil song. After the dance she calls Sanjay asking about his whereabouts. He ask her to relax and tell Shaurya Amrish Puri is coming in his sangeet.Shaurya Mehek dance on mehendi laga ke rakhna song.

Sanjay interferes joining the dance and suddenly Shaurya stops watching his uncle there. Sanjay greets him and introduce himself to Mehek’s family. When Shwetlana told me about his marriage I couldn’t control myself to meet Shaurya. Shaurya looks on angrily. Sanjay misbehaves with Mehek trying to touch her but then stops. He says I can be a criminal but not cheap.

Shaurya angrily tells his mother now you understood why I was not going for his bail. Sanjay comes interfering today also you are angry with me. Shaurya warns him to dare do anything wrong else I will cancel your bail. Nihal comes there complaining about party looking like uncle’s college reunion. Mehek’s family outside discuss about Sanjay Shwetlana.

Sanjay conspires against Shaurya

Shaurya gets doubtful of Sanjay as he is sure he will do something. Shwetlana on the other hand gets curious to know what’s hidden inside the box but Sanjay ask her to be patient. He ask Shwetlana to do as I say and you will see the result.

Sanjay asks his in laws why don't they have drink. Shaurya comes interfering why are you so desperate. He then invites them to dance but Shaurya again stops them.


Everybody happy and dancing

Zindagi Ki Mehek Written Update Episode

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