Beyhadh: Ashwin dare attempt leaving Jhanvi-Maya drowning

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Beyhadh: Ashwin dare attempt leaving Jhanvi-Maya drowning

Beyhadh: Ashwin's dare attempt to end Maya(Jennifer Winget) and Jhanvi's(Kavita Ghai) life

In the upcoming episode Ashwin will play his cards against Jhanvi and Maya by doing emotional blackmailing to his ex wife Jhanvi that he cannot live without her and that he has changed a lot. 

Maya is not ready to listen Ashwin or Jhanvi and thus kicks him out with a warning to not interfere in their life.

Ashwin will thus make another plan and ask Jhanvi to come out any how so that he can kill her.

Ashwin gets Jhanvi killed

Ashwin and Jhanvi are standing on a bridge near a pool and wicked Ashwin ties both of their legs and covers Jhanvi's eyes to fool her.

He promise her to die with her if they cannot live together and foolish Jhanvi agrees unaware that he is here to kill her.

Ashwin throws her in water and he himself stands there on bridge.

Maya comes on spot and jumps into water to save Jhanvi but Ashwin still laughs knowing that Maya doesn't know how to swim.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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