Chikoo-Yeh Ishq Nachaye: Dhanush Proposes to Chikoo

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Chikoo-Yeh Ishq Nachaye: Dhanush Proposes to Chikoo

Chikoo Yeh Ishq Nachaye: Dhanush expresses his Pain to Alka

Chikoo Yeh Ishq Nachaye is doing good in the TRP charts and is successfully keeping it's audience hooked to the Screens.

Dhanush confronts Alka and expresses his pain to her. He tells her that it was her dream to make the empire for herself, not for him.

Dhanush makes his point clear that he can't become the son, she wants him to be.

Keshav consoles Alka who apologises to him for her past behaviour with him.

Alka then goes to Dhanush who apologises to her. She assures him, Keshav will be handling the companies.

Dhanush breaks up with Mini

Dhanush meets Mini and tells her that he has broken his ties with his Mother.

He breaks up with Mini after she refuses to be with him when he tells her that he has become a pauper.

Mini with the courage given by Chikoo tells Kamini that she is Mini Joshi.

She tells the truth to Dhanush and expresses that she was scared to lose him.

Mini apologises to Chikoo and hugs her. She demands her to tell everyone about her real identity.

Dhanush proposes to Chikoo making her smile. He sings a song for her.

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