Imlie: Aditya's frustration takes Malini away and bring Imlie closer

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Imlie: Aditya's frustration takes Malini away and bring Imlie closer

Imlie: Aditya hugs Imlie first time, is it love proposal or dream?

Star Plus TV serial Imlie will see Aditya and Imlie's most awaited confession.

Aditya and Malini have a heated argument when Malini takes up her mom's car and refuses to go on Aditya's bike.

Aditya feels that Malini insulted him and his financial state.

Aditya gets really upset with Malini when Imlie hears everything.

What is quite intriguing is that Aditya realizes the difference amid Malini and Imlie the moment he recalls how much Imlie understands him better than Malini.

Aditya apologizes to Imlie and for the first time, Aditya hugs Imlie.

This much isn't enough to startle Imlie that Aditya confesses his love to Imlie.

Aditya and Imlie hug each other as they get emotional confessing their love.

However, there is something suspicious going on...

Imlie's dream of love with Aditya

The reality check for Aditya is still on the way.

Aditya proposing love to Imlie and Aditya hugging Imlie for the first time, interestingly everything turns out Imlie's dream.

Imlie dreams Aditya's love for her and when she realizes everything, she faces a major disappointment.

So, what will be the new scenario is you shouldn't miss at any cost

Imlie Future Story

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