Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se: Gungun expresses her Disinterest

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Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se: Gungun expresses her Disinterest

Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se: Golie ends her Weakness

Kabhi Kabhi ittefaq se is a Star Plus popular show. The leads funny chemistry and nhok jhok makes the audience fall in love with them. The show is up for some twists and turns.

Anubhav suggests Goli is end her weakness instead of running away from it after seeing her break down.

Goli remembers her past where she has helped Pradyush giving him her Jewellery and then taking care of his Ill Mother.

Maya announces that she is leaving to United States. Gungun thanks her and starts dancing.

Pradyunsh was unwelcomed. He meets Goli. She tells him, he has left her after using her.

Goli tells him, she has few complaints with him. She thanks him for teaching her a lesson.

Garima stops Maya from leaving and requests to stay till the Marriage.

Maya agrees keeping forward a condition that Gungun will appologise to her.

Pradyunsh feels guilty for his doings and expresses his gratitude. She tells him that it is her nature. She calls him a cheat.

Gungun Forgives Anubhav

Anubhav calls Gungun and appologises to her. Gungun forgives him.

Gungun expresses her disinterest in the Marriage. He suggests her to have a talk with her Mother.

Gungun promises him, Maya will appologise to his Family making him smile.

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