Kumkum Bhagya:Seperation Aert! Rhea to seperate Prachi and Ranbir

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Kumkum Bhagya:Seperation Aert! Rhea to seperate Prachi and Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya: Ranbir is Heartbroken

Zee TV's Kumkum Bhagya is gearing up for more twists and turns after Rhea slept with Ranbir intoxicating him.

Whether Ranbir and Prachi stay together, or get seperated will be seen in the upcoming episodes.

Rhea is furious as Ranbir is still going after Prachi and is considering her, his Wife even after he has slept with her.

Laxmi saves Prachi when Rhea plots against her to ruin her face with chemical attack.

Prachi confronts Ranbir who gets heart broken with her words.

Rhea goes to meet Ranbir who shouts at her asking whether she wanted to consummate with him even after knowing he loves only Prachi.

Rhea manipulates him into thinking that he was in his senses and he was the one to consummate with her.

Rhea plots to lead Ranbir to her

Dida tells Sahana, Prachi is away from Ranbir as she thinks he has slept with Rhea.

Dida decides to reveal the hidden truth so that they both reunite.

Rhea tells Aliya that Ranbir is into Prachi but then she wants to do something to seperate them forever leaving no chances for reunion.

She decides to close all the ways for Ranbir, keeping only one way open which will lead to no one but her. Aliya promises for the event to happen sooner.

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