Pandya Stores: Drama Alert! Shiva gets to know about the Plan

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Pandya Stores: Drama Alert! Shiva gets to know about the Plan

Pandya Stores: Rishita feels Inferior

Our favourite Star Plus show Pandya Stores is gearing up for more twists and turns with the family planning to get Shiva and Raavi married.

Shiva receives the banner but before he can see it. Gautam runs to him and jumps. Shiva mocks him calling him old.

Shiva asks the name of the Bride. Everyone says a different name. Dhara asks him to call her Bhabhi.

Shiva decides to know who has made Raavi drunk after seeing her situation. Raavi tells Krish that Dhara made her drink.

Dev makes Rishita wear Gajra and they both spend some moments together.

Dhara asks Rishita to sit a bit far so that the smoke doesn't reach her. Rishita feels low hearing the ladies comments.

Rishita feels dominated by Dhara but doesn't tell Dev about it.

Shiva comes to Raavi. He yells at her and covers her with the blanket. Dhara comes there with a wine bottle shocking him.

Raavi and Shiva get into an argument.

Raavi blurts out the Plan

Raavi shouts at Shiva and asks him what is wrong in kidnapping him,planning to get Married to him forcefully.

Raavi tells him that it is their Marriage happening there. Shiva gets furious hearing her and leaves from there.

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